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Wildlife roam freely over the vast 770 hectare (almost 2000 acres) of wilderness we call "Die Boskamp". This allows for spectacular game viewing and intimate encounters with some of South Africa’s most beloved wildlife species.

Be spoiled with picture perfect footage of two of South Africa’s Big 5: the beloved Buffalo and wandering Leopard.
Some of our wildlife include: livingston, impala, jakkals, gemsbok, sables, zebra, giraffe, ostrich, oryx, nyalas, kudus, waterbucks, blue wildebeest, golden wildebeest, red hartebeest, warthogs... and let us not forget our cheeky baboon family!


Die Boskamp boasts a variety of bird species in abundance, some of which make Die Boskamp their permanent home year-around.

Our Vulture couple whom pairs up and mate for life, are permanent residents here at Die Boskamp. Also a resident, the Sagittarius Serpentarius, better known as the Secretary bird, which is traditionally admired in Africa for its striking appearance and vigilant nature in dealing with pests and snakes.

Taking residence all year-round is the “Petspeckled Hen”, better known as the Guinea fowl, which is the oldest of the gallinaceous birds. The beautiful “Geelbekneushoring”, better known as the Southern yellow-billed horn-bill is part of the bird species that regard Die Boskamp as their home. Not to mention our Blue Crane, which is the national bird of South Africa and currently listed as a vulnerable species.
Our beautiful blue crane resides at the waterhole in plain-sight, so be sure to spot and admire its mesmerising nature.


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